Metro is proud to represent and distribute the only trap
machine the Grand American trusts to put in their trap houses!

With today's ever increasing array of state and insurance regulations, the PAT-TRAP will pay for itself in no time. No personnel in the trap house means safety and savings. The PAT-TRAP can be equipped for voice release, eliminating the need for pullers. Double scores can increase due to the ease and convenience of changing from singles to doubles in seconds allowing more practice time. The PAT-TRAP can make shooting more enjoyable and save money.

The PAT-TRAP fits ATA regulation trap houses and it's no-nonsense design is simple to operate and easy to load. The magazine holds four full cases of targets (540+) and a side loading magazine is available.

The vibration free PAT-TRAP features commercial grade, heavy duty steel construction, sealed ball and roller bearings, and iolite brushings. It is fully adjustable for wind-age and elevation. The hydraulic mode of operation means no gearbox. The PAT-TRAP uses 110 volts AC.

Pat Trap Features
  • Automatic Doubles
  • No need to keep trap personnel in the trap house
  • Turret holds over 540 targets!
  • No gear box
  • All hydraulic
  • Fits in ATA regulation trap house
  • Vibration fee
  • All sealed bearings
  • Powered by 100 volts AC - No special wiring!
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Pat Trap Manuals

Below you will find zipped PDF files. After unzipping, you will need Adobe Reader to open the files. To get Adobe Reader, Click Here

New Pat-Trap Skeet Machines Pat-Trap Skeet Machines

The new Pat-Trap Skeet machine upholds the reputation that we have earned with our Trap machines. All of the adjustments can be done without tools, and they can be done in seconds. There are two knobs on the back of the machine to adjust the targets, left and right (inside and outside) and the other adjusts the targets up and down. The mainspring crank is on the right hand side of the picture. The skeet machines hold 540+ targets each, and everyone knows how valuble it is to have a large turret so you can throw round after round without interruption.

Pat-Trap Regular Trap Machine

The regular trap will throw singles and doubles, and to top it off it only takes seconds to switch back and forth! The trap is incredibly easy to adjust. A few cranks on the main spring, and raising or lowering the targets takes only seconds. The trap is designed for ease of use so that anyone can make the adjustments!

Pat-Trap Wobble Trap Machine

The wobble trap is something that everyone will enjoy, it adds a little spice to the game, while oscillating left and right that machine will also oscillate up and down giving you targets that are flying high into the sky, or screaming right across the top of the grass. The best part is that you have all the features on the wobble trap as you do on the regular machine.