Course Overview

Metro Gun Club has Final Option teach all of our Permit to Carry classes.

Limited spots available for our live 4 hour Permit to Carry Class on Monday, August 31st from 6pm - 10pm. Please call 763-786-5880 to make a reservation for all live classes.

Now Available Online! To Register, you will follow the directions on the final option link below, after completion of your online training you will call Metro Gun Club at 763-786-5880 to schedule your live fire qualification time. After your qualification you will receive a certificate of completion that you will take to your counties Sheriff's Office and apply for your permit.
Upcoming Qualification Dates:
Monday July 20th, August 10th, August 24th, September 14th, September 21st, September 28th - Time slots between 5pm - 8:00pm
Saturday August 29th, September 12th - Time slots between 8am - 11am
Sunday August 2nd - Time slots between 8am - 11am

Register Here: